#blogstars: Your Guide to Social Media Success

Here’s some more from the Fairlie Agency‘s (@kaponetwo) Thursday night seminar, The Toronto Blog Stars: The Guide to Social Media Success.

The #BlogStars

Casie Stewart was first up, and instead of giving everyone a paper hand-out, she utilized her stellar social media skills with a password-protected blog post.

The ever-adorable @casiestewart sharing her social media wisdom

This is what she talked about:

  • Building relationships

(seek out people who like the same things you do and who will encourage you, volunteer for things you believe in, have fun and network both online and IRL!) *IRL = In Real Life

  • Tools of engagement

(there are so many things the internet can do for you- take advantage of tools like your RSS, Twitter, Facebook, and 12seconds TV)

“It’s like the internet’s employee of the year!” – Casie Stewart

  • How I turned blogging into a job

(Figure out what you want to do, set a goal, go for it, and believe in yourself)

  • Dedication and determination

(Commit to your goal!!!)

As Casie says, it’s about “working smart, not working hard.”

Next was Raymi the Minx.

Raymi the Minx - blogging since 2000

Some of her best tips:

  • Blogging is one part journalism (great storytelling) and one part  charm school
  • Get yourself a digital camera and be your own photojournalist
  • Be fearless and blog what you feel – the possibilities are endless

And not only was Raymi’s presentation hysterical, but she gave some great quotes too.

“If you really want to do something do it – Modern Art is ‘I could do that’ but YOU DIDN’T.” – Raymi the Minx

“Haters are the most loyal people ever, they complain that you’re boring but they’ll keep coming back everyday just to make sure you’re still boring.” – Raymi the Minx

“Be interesting – if you have an interesting life, blog about it.” – Raymi the Minx

And last but not least, Sean Ward. His 1-2-3 of social media:

  • Persona

Take what’s unique about you and play it up. Become a character.

Sean Ward telling us how a Superstar thinks, feels, and acts

  • Visual Identity

Your blog’s design should be a visual extension of your style. Think carefully about your fonts, colours, and images. Iconography can be powerful.

A world of social media brands

  • Unique Positioning

Have something going offline that you can use your online presence to build mystique around. Don’t compete- go where what you’re doing is a break from the norm, and win fans that your competition didn’t think about.

“There’s good attention and bad attention, but Google doesn’t know the difference.” – Sean Ward

Thanks for a great social media seminar guys!

*Check back later in the week for audio of my interview with @casiestewart.

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Toronto Blog Stars

Tonight I went to an awesome seminar. The Guide to Social Media Success: The Ultimate How-to with the Toronto Blog Stars.

Introducing...The Toronto Blog Stars

Who are the Toronto Blog Stars you might ask? Well, the seminar was presented by Casie Stewart, Raymi the Minx, and Sean Ward.  Each blogger/speaker offered some great advice based on their own experiences navigating the internet and social media in general. I’ll update tomorrow with some of the highlights of the night but for now here’s some pictures.

From left: @casiestewart @seanward @raymitheminx


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Put on your green and have a beer (or several) to celebrate the Irish!

*Disclaimer: This is not my cat.

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For Haiti

Check out the video for Wavin’ Flag by Young Artists for Haiti:

Proceeds from the single will benefit Free the Children, War Child Canada, and World Vision Canada.

Read the CBC’s article about K’naan’s song here.

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Stuff I like: canvas shoes

Picked up some new kicks from H&M.  They’re white canvas and definitely going to get dirty but the weather has been so great lately that I can’t wait to wear them.  Scratch that because it’s supposed to rain all weekend 😦

My new shoes for Spring 🙂

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Reporting from Hot Spots

Resilience of the human spirit in Haiti

I went to a panel discussion at the CBC tonight featuring Nahlah Ayed, Laurie Graham, Alison Smith, Connie Watson, and hosted by Peter Armstrong.  The event was called ‘CBC Women Journalists Around the World: Personal perspectives on covering international hot spots,’ and was definitely worthwhile.  As an aspiring journalist myself, it was really motivating to hear the first hand experiences of these women.

A lot of the discussion focused on the notion of what’s normal life and how it varies from country to country or even province to province.  Alison Smith and Connie Watson expressed the difficulty they had coming back to their “normal life,”and going from an extreme of poverty to one of excess.  Each woman also spoke about personal experiences of being in danger and what it’s been like as a female journalist reporting from places in the world where women are not treated with the same respect as they are in North America.  Something that was said in particular that I think will remain with me is the importance of telling the story of the people and staying out of the politics.  Laurie Graham and Alison Smith reported from New York after 9/11 and mentioned that life seemed to go back to “normal” within days.  Connie Watson said it was a similar experience in Haiti after the Jan. 12 earthquake.  All of the women agreed that this was a testament to the resilience of people.  When disaster strikes life does carry on but not necessarily in the way it is “normal” to us and there are a million perspectives, each with a story.

Overall- a really interesting discussion that I can’t do justice to here.

I highly recommend checking out other events from the CBC.

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Mayor Miller visits Humber

Mayor David Miller came to Humber College today for a press conference.

Here are some photos from his visit.

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