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What I’m reading…Hungry

I love that magazines are starting to feature a variety of body shapes and sizes.  I find that Glamour has been one of the best at doing this, and plus-size model Crystal Renn has been a regular in the magazine.

Hungry by Crystal Renn

I recently read Renn’s memoir, Hungry, about her struggle with an eating disorder and later success as one of the top plus-size models in the industry today.  An interesting and worthwhile read if you want to check it out!

On the right: Renn when she first entered the modelling industry; On the left: Renn now, as a successful plus-size model

The Women of Glamour's 'Body Revolution'

Renn has also appeared in Glamour’s November 2009 beautiful bodies spread, alongside six other plus-size models who are breaking ground to redefine what a beautiful body looks like. It was a blog post that prompted Glamour’s body image revolution.

Check out the links for more information.

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