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Summer can’t come fast enough

Cottage season is almost here! Can’t wait for the warm weather!

Did some filming at the Spring Cottage Life show yesterday for a class.  It was the first time I’ve been and it was huge!

Al Zikovitz (creator and publisher of Cottage Life magazine) told me the show had about 500 vendors.

Some of my favourite features: a dock party where beer and alcohol were being served, a photography site where you could have your picture taken in front of a giant Cottage Life magazine and thus appear on the cover, and the numerous food sample booths. If you want to check it out Sunday is the last day!

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#blogstars: Your Guide to Social Media Success

Here’s some more from the Fairlie Agency‘s (@kaponetwo) Thursday night seminar, The Toronto Blog Stars: The Guide to Social Media Success.

The #BlogStars

Casie Stewart was first up, and instead of giving everyone a paper hand-out, she utilized her stellar social media skills with a password-protected blog post.

The ever-adorable @casiestewart sharing her social media wisdom

This is what she talked about:

  • Building relationships

(seek out people who like the same things you do and who will encourage you, volunteer for things you believe in, have fun and network both online and IRL!) *IRL = In Real Life

  • Tools of engagement

(there are so many things the internet can do for you- take advantage of tools like your RSS, Twitter, Facebook, and 12seconds TV)

“It’s like the internet’s employee of the year!” – Casie Stewart

  • How I turned blogging into a job

(Figure out what you want to do, set a goal, go for it, and believe in yourself)

  • Dedication and determination

(Commit to your goal!!!)

As Casie says, it’s about “working smart, not working hard.”

Next was Raymi the Minx.

Raymi the Minx - blogging since 2000

Some of her best tips:

  • Blogging is one part journalism (great storytelling) and one part  charm school
  • Get yourself a digital camera and be your own photojournalist
  • Be fearless and blog what you feel – the possibilities are endless

And not only was Raymi’s presentation hysterical, but she gave some great quotes too.

“If you really want to do something do it – Modern Art is ‘I could do that’ but YOU DIDN’T.” – Raymi the Minx

“Haters are the most loyal people ever, they complain that you’re boring but they’ll keep coming back everyday just to make sure you’re still boring.” – Raymi the Minx

“Be interesting – if you have an interesting life, blog about it.” – Raymi the Minx

And last but not least, Sean Ward. His 1-2-3 of social media:

  • Persona

Take what’s unique about you and play it up. Become a character.

Sean Ward telling us how a Superstar thinks, feels, and acts

  • Visual Identity

Your blog’s design should be a visual extension of your style. Think carefully about your fonts, colours, and images. Iconography can be powerful.

A world of social media brands

  • Unique Positioning

Have something going offline that you can use your online presence to build mystique around. Don’t compete- go where what you’re doing is a break from the norm, and win fans that your competition didn’t think about.

“There’s good attention and bad attention, but Google doesn’t know the difference.” – Sean Ward

Thanks for a great social media seminar guys!

*Check back later in the week for audio of my interview with @casiestewart.

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Canada Loves Hockey


Sunday night the Olympics came to an end after an amazing gold medal hockey game brought Canada’s gold medal wins to a record-breaking 14!  Canada’s Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in overtime for a 3-2 win against the U.S.  But then you already knew that right – because an estimated 80 percent of Canada tuned in to at least part of the game!

Check out the video to see how Torontonians celebrated from inside St. Louis Bar and Grill on Bay Street to the party at Dundas and Younge Streets.

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Romance on the Menu

Cupid serves at Mildred's Temple Kitchen.

A Toronto restaurant is taking Valentine’s Day dining to a whole new level. The Toronto Star reports that Mildred’s Temple Kitchen invites customers to have sex in its bathrooms.

This time the invitation is explicit. On its website, Mildred’s asks: ‘Have you given any thought to moving beyond the bedroom.’

‘Check out Mildred’s Sexy Bathrooms throughout the weekend of Big Love. You get the picture.’

While I couldn’t find where on its website Mildred’s actually said to check out their “sexy bathrooms,” there are certainly sexual implications.  From Feb.12 to Feb.15, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen offers three extra “treats” for “Mildred’s Weekend of BIG LOVE.”  Among these treats is a $55 “love hamper,” which includes “Mildred’s Out to Brunch cookbook, and a pair of furry handcuffs,” among other edible treats.

I have to wonder, how romantic is it when one couple after another shows their love in likely the same restaurant bathroom while dozens of other couples are enjoying a meal on just the other side of the door?

Which brings me to my next point: Is this sanitary and clean in a place where food is prepared and served?

Isn’t this why we have hotel rooms with room service??

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TTC Throw Down

If you regularly ride the TTC you’ve probably seen the signs reading “Every day at least one TTC driver is assaulted. That’s one too many.” Today I witnessed an altercation between a TTC driver and attempted passenger after I had boarded the bus. The incident, however, took place off the bus.

A young man attempted to board the bus by flashing an id card, rather than providing payment. The driver was not fooled, however, and told him to get off the bus. The young man complied but not before grabbing a handful of transfers and shouting “f**k you.” The driver yelled and the young man threw the transfers back at him as he loudly left the bus. At this point, rather than let things go, the driver opened the lower door of the barrier that separates him from riders, shouted after the young man, “get back here f**ktard,” and got off the bus to confront him. Next, a physical fight erupted on the sidewalk beside the bus, which was still full of passengers. Three passengers got off the bus and broke up the fight but the driver was visibly upset. He called in the incident and the bus was declared “out of service.”

A TTC bus driver begins to stand up after a physical fight with the young man in the red shirt. The incident erupted after the young man attempted to board the bus without paying the $3 fare.

In a 2008 statement, TTC Chair Adam Giambrone, said

Everyday, a TTC driver is assaulted on the job. They are verbally abused. They are threatened. They are punched. They are spat on. Enough is enough. The message is clear: if you commit a crime on one of our vehicles we will catch you, arrest you, charge you, and prosecute you. Criminal acts have no place on public transit. Our employees and customers deserve to work and travel in peace. We are committed to ensuring that happens.

A 2008 article in the Toronto Star reported the rate of post-traumatic stress disorder for TTC operators to be “about four times that of police officers who patrol Toronto streets.” The abuse TTC operators endure ranges from riders spitting at them, to verbal threats, to physical assaults. How many people go to work each morning knowing that there’s a good chance someone will swear at them, spit at them, or even punch them in the face that day? Not many, and even fewer would keep returning to work day after day if this were the case.

While I in no way condone violence of any kind, I have to wonder, “why did the driver get off the bus and what did he expect would happen when he confronted the young man?” The TTC has taken (some) safety measures to protect its employees, such as shield barriers and cameras on board. So yes, if you commit a crime or assault someone on board a TTC vehicle, they can catch you and prosecute you. But if the driver leaves his subway train, streetcar, or bus, what kind of protection can the TTC offer?

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A Brief History of…ME

Just a short introduction to start things off.

I grew up a small(er) town girl, but am now living in Toronto and loving it. Currently a journalism student and yoga enthusiast. I love art galleries, photography, reality tv, dramas, hot tea, reading, writing, high heels, travelling, wine, friends, family, people in general, and my cat, Alice.

Let’s see- topics I’ll cover on this blog…well anything and everything really. The more serious topics might include human rights, health, breast cancer, journalism and any daily news.  On the lighter side of things, I’ll cover pop culture, anything to do with Toronto, my travel experiences, the mischief Alice gets herself into and other fun, yet random things I feel like sharing. I love making lists so look forward to lots of those. And I promise video is coming soon!

Meet Alice- she enjoys naps on my notes and laptop, long walks from the couch to her food dish and toys that rattle.

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